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5 Beaty Products you NEED in your Handbag!!

4 Feb

There are gazillions of beauty products lining the shelves of shops up and down the country, so it can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to picking what’s right for you.

Luckily, Miss Sporty are on hand to make things a bit easier – with three fab essentials you NEED in your handbag. Behold…

1. So Clear Coverstick – £3.49

miss sporty concealer - handbag essentials images -

Picture the scene. You’re going about your day, feeling faboosh, having fun – when you suddenly catch sight of yourself in the mirror and realise you’ve sprouted a MASSIVE SPOT since you left the house.

Enter Miss Sporty’s So Clear Foundation. Perfect for covering up any pesky blemishes, it blends like a dream – and contains an anti-spot formula that’ll help your skin get clear and stay clear. Perfecto.

2. Pump Up Extra Lash Mascara – £3.99

miss sporty mascara - handbag essentials images -

Add some volume on the go, with a slick of this lash boosting mascara that is not only clump free, but also gives you volume without lashes becoming dry or brittle.

The funky bright packaging means you’ll never lose it in your handbag, either. HOORAY.

3. Studio Colour Mono Eyeshadow – 1.99

These vibrant shadows in disco ball packaging are such good value that you can stock up on all your fave colours without breaking the bank.

miss sporty eyeshadow - handbag essentials images -

Bought a new top and want to wear it straight away? Whack a couple of these in your handbag and you can ensure your eyes are always matching, too.

What do you reckon – will you be stocking up on these Miss Sporty essentials?