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16 Jan


**THAT ** AWESOME twin (not my twin:D) sister im always FABBLING about is joing me on my  lil blog too help me out I AM NO LONGER OFFICIALLY ALONE, My sis Laura is helpin’ me!!! As you can se from our new name is JEMAURA which basically is jemz and laurar !! COOL HUH!!

I really cant wait for y’all to read mine and hers new posts Its gunna be great and not just food, MAKEUP, LIFESTYLES AND Fashion!!! 😀 And we are gunna be doing some great product reviews too!! Oh and 1 more thing Laura (one half of JEMAURA) is gunna do a post soon tellin every one a lil bit about her self

xxxx 😀 😛 luv y’all sooo soo much



10 Basic Rules of Baking

16 Jan

If You Give A Blonde A Kitchen

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10 Basic Rules of Baking

  1. Read your recipe.  Before you even start adding things to your mixer, read your recipe all the way through.  There have been countless times when I will get half way through a recipe and realize that I should have saved the egg whites or the sugar was separated.  The extra few minutes to read the whole recipe will save you some trouble!

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