10 Spiciest Chili’s in the WORLD!!

4 Dec

Hey Everyboooddddyyyyy!!!:D

I was just having some chilli sauce and it occured to me what the chilliest peppers are so here are ya top 10….. enjoy y’all

If you’re a foodie, you must have tried spicy cuisines. Chillies are an important part of almost every cuisine. Some of us like low to moderate level of spices, while others just love spicy food. I myself enjoy some of the most spicy dishes. There are over thousand varieties of chillies and each one of them has a unique taste. I’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest peppers on the planet. Hope they’ll not burn your tongue 

Naga Viper ChilliNaga Viper Chilli – It’s the hottest pepper man has ever tried on his taste buds. Naga viper is a hybrid of Naga Jolokia and the Trinidad Hybrid made by an Englishman Gerald Fowler. Since it’s a hybird, I personally don’t rate it as the spiciest one against the original. This chilli is slightly dark in color from it’s closest competitor Naga Jolokia. It’s available in select parts of the world where it’s grown commercially for food lovers. Naga Viper’s rank on the Scoville scale is 1,359,000.

Naga Jolokia ChilliNaga Jolokia Chilli – It’s the spiciest chilli among non-hybrid peppers. This chilli originated in Assam and Nagaland region of eastern part of India. It’s so spicy that defence research department of India plans to use it as a potent weapon against enemies. Some tribes of east India also use it to keep off wild elephants from their crops. A single Naga jolokia can be used to spice up a preparation of at least 200 people. Naga Jolokia’s rank on the Scoville scale is 1,041,427.

Red Savina ChilliRed Savina Chilli – This short conical chilli is extremely spicy and was the hottest chilli till 2006 when Naga Jolokia displaced it from the throne. Frank Garcia of California cultivated this chilli. How he did this is still a mystery as he has not shared his methods for cultivating this chilli. Red Savina is consumed in differents parts of North and Latin America including select areas of Europe. Red Savina’s rank on the Scoville scale is 350,000–580,000.

Habanero ChilliHabanero Chilli – This is yet another intensely spicy chilli. Habanero originated in Cuba and is grown in different parts of Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. Some North American states like Texas and California also cultivate this hot pepper. This chilli is consumed in large quantity in Latin American society in the form of puree or salsa. It’s aromatic nature made it very popular and its use is not limited to select dishes. Habanero’s rank on the Scoville scale is 100,000–350,000.

Scotch Bonnet ChilliScotch Bonnet Chilli – Don’t get confused by its name. It’s indeed a very spicy chilli found in abundance in Caribbean, Guyana and Maldives Islands. This chilli is known for its use in various non-vegetarian dishes across the world. It has a unique aroma and taste making it one of the favorite chillies among chefs and foodies. Scotch bonnet is also used for making different kind of sauces. Make sure you de-vein and de-seed it before use. Habanero’s rank on the Scoville scale is 100,000–350,000.

Piri piri ChilliPiri Piri Chilli – This chilli is also known as – ‘African Red Devil’. As the name suggests, this chilli originated in Africa and is extremely hot. These chillies grow both in wild and in domestic & commercial lands. It’s thin and cylindrical in shape with reddish orange tint. The name ‘Piri piri’ came from Portuguese language which is used to identify this African devil. This chilli is primarily grown in Mozambique and Congo. Piri piri’s rank on the Scoville scale is 175,000.

Tabasco ChilliTabasco Chilli – This chilli is very popular in select parts of the world. Guess for what? It’s used to make Tabasco sauce and peppered vinegar. These chillies are juicy from inside and grows upwards rather than hanging down on stems. This makes them stand apart from the rest of the chili family. Tabasco peppers are gown in large quantity in central and south America to fulfill the huge demand of Tabasco sauce. Tabasco’s rank on the Scoville scale is 30,000 to 50,000.

Jalapeno ChilliJalapeno Chilli – This is one of the most popular chilli in central America and some parts of north America. These chillies are primarily grown in southern part New Mexico and some parts western Texas. Jalapeno is used the large number of preparations including sauces, dipping and various main course cuisines. These chillies produce so much burning sensation that cultivators used rubber/plastic gloves while harvesting the crop. Jalapeno’s rank on the Scoville scale is 2,500 – 8,000.

Guajillo ChilliGuajillo Chilli – This chilli is primarily grown in Mexico and is used is various types of salsas and sauces. It’s aromatic and perfect heat intensity makes it one of important ingredients used in Mexican cuisine. These chillies are thin and deep red in color. Mexico also exports large quantities of this pungent chilli to various countries across the world. I personally use it in many cuisines and found it extremely flavorful. Guajillo’s rank on the Scoville scale is 2,500 to 5,000.

Well that was good init!!:)

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3 Responses to “10 Spiciest Chili’s in the WORLD!!”

  1. Charlotte Elson December 21, 2013 at 6:26 pm #

    Love the post on Chillis, I learned a while back on a trip to Mexico that they don’t all burn the same… I’ll be bookmarking this for future reference for sure.

    • BubbleChef December 24, 2013 at 3:00 pm #

      Really WOW i betta do some more research lol, :/ What chilli did you see in Mexico??
      Oh and thnx

    • BubbleChef December 26, 2013 at 5:19 pm #

      really wow thnx fro visiting
      jemz xxxxx

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