Did I just Make THAT???

7 Nov

Yo Wassup Every1!:p

Yesterday me and my big sisters made theses really cool hand warmers!!!! My one slightly flopped (who said they had to be perfect) My obvs WAY more creative half of the other twin sister OBVS made hers DA BEST and the other sister (the twin sister to the creative one) Made a erally AWESOME one too!!!:) We made them out of some STRONG pretty fabric mine was pink (i wanted a byzantium one) my other sisters wuz like a stripey beach bed pattern and my other sisters was like blue polka dottie …

We basically made them free style…. i sorta lied to em’ that i saw a craft and made it rfom the top of my head (no honestly) but today when i was lookin’ round cuz i wanted to make a proper one i saw this REALLY AMAZING craft: 


so u lot check it out (in a new tab…. dont go crosing my site off) lol! haha 

one thing we made a mistake on is that we (i know its silly) poured the oil STARIGHT into little pouches!!! Miz your rice in your scneted oil:)

Well if only i had a pic of our handwarmers!! BUT dont worry im makein s’more soon!

GoodNight y’all

Love Jemz (aka BubbleChef)

🙂 xx



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