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Quick Chocolate Cheesecake and Limited Edition of Cadburys Roses

17 Nov

Yo Guyz…… watsup:)

The other day our uncle bought us a tin of the **new** cadburys chocolate roses…. yup NEW to celebrate cadburys roses anniversary! they had 2 new chocolates to the collection one was a (whoops i forgot…. let me just ask my sister)  **5 mins later**  a coffee centered one.. it was called coffee dream (that was really good) and another one called signature truffle… it was not different it was like the green triangle one (surprise surprise the greent triangle has toatts GONE) oh and sooo have the horrible toffee pennies that be left behind but u still eat them cuz they just fell **so** special lol:D!! So u guyz are probs finkin’ wats different…. well they have made the chocolate pretty much BIGGER (<- YUP **BIGGER**) 😛 lol haha!  Alright my big sis just told me its Coffee Escape not Coffee Dream lol! SMH (btw im talking about wat i wrote before)!!:)

Oh yea and now u lot a probz wondering if im crazy cuz i wrote Chocolate Cheesecake in meh title….. BUT im coming to that bit now so steady ur horses and wait while i blab on about THIS **NEW**  tin of Cadburys Roses Chocolates:)))))

Well basically in our house we have like a limit to how much chocolates you have each……. so stuffing ur pockets and pretending ur going to play on the computer never works u (alright my sister just told me something i acciedntly wrote about the green triangle she just tolde me the green triangle and toffee penny is in quality streets and im talking about roses WHOOPZ lol) any way onwards ……… so i was saying stuffing ur pockets and running on to the comp neva EVER works cuz ur big sista ends up doing this

Me: Just going to play on the computer mum!! Cya

Im halfway up the stairs and my sister is like

Sister: Oi!! How many chocolates have you ate show me your pockets NOW:/

me: ummmm only 2 like mummy said….WHY??

Sister: Really thats it: MUM!! Jemz has tooken more choclates then she shud have done

Me: Grassbag:(

I go down the stairs thinkin’ of ALL the **slightly** possible ways of getting out of this BUT NO!! its happens EVERY time and i still end up makin’ the same mistakes…… so much for Learn from your mistakes saying! huh typicall…. So i end up giving all the chocolates back adn saying huh (nervous laugh) ummm i dont think i could eat soo much anyway 😛

Alright……. ONTO the cheescake bit

Sooooo i only gave the wierd story at the top cuz for once i ACTUALLY did take more chocolates….. YUP not to eat but to quickly make a snack with……

I call It: The Roses Chocolate Cheesecake:P

Well heres the recipe:

1 Tangy Orange Creme – Square-shaped milk chocolate with orange engraving on top, filled with orange-flavoured creme fondant (wrapped in orange plastic-foil twist-wrapper)

1 (**new chocoalte added to collection) Coffee Escape

2  Cadbury Dairy Milk – One rectangular chunk of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate divided into two squares (classic purple plastic-foil twist-wrapper, bearing ‘Cadbury Dairy Milk’ and the traditional ‘glass and a half’ logo

Golden Barrel – Milk chocolate in the shape of half a barrel, filled with caramel (was formerly wrapped in gold foil, now in gold plastic-foil twist-wrapper)

Hazel in Caramel – Crescent-shaped milk chocolate with hazelnut plant engraving on top, filled with caramel and a hazelnut (purple plastic-foil twist-wrapper) (oh yea dont worry about there being only one nut):)

2 Tablespoons of Philadelphia cream cheese (plain)

6 Digestive biscuits

3 knobs of butter


1: Get a small bowl (preferably glass) and line it fully with cling-film

2: Bash up your biscuits in a plastic bag….. if u dont have that then just wrap them well in clingfilm, pour your biscuit crumbs into a mircrowvable bowl and put in your 3 knobs of butter, microwave till the butter is melted and stir until you have a slightly damp biscuit base (not wet) just enough to hold its shape. Put your biscuit bash to a side and continue.

3: Unwrap your chocolates and put them into a microwavable bowl, put them in your microwave and DO NOT LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED as they will burn and u will end up being a very said human:( Kepp checking on them every 10 seconde and stir….. do not leave them in too long as you will see some of the chocolates have caramel and fondant center if you leave them in too long they will bubble and alo cause your chocolate to burn. Stir until your have a smooth slightly runny mixture, add ur cream cheese and stir until smooth!

4: Add your chocolate cream cheese mixture too the lined bowl, smoothen it out and put your biscuit crumbs ontop slitghtly putting pressure onthem (DO NOT GO squishing them into your cheese)

5: Put you cheesecake in the fridge (in my case freezer it does the job quicker lol) All thats left to do is chill out, leave it in fro about 2 hour (if its in a freezer 1 hour)

6: And Et Wallah 🙂 Its done, stand a table knife in hot water for 15 seconds and go around the edges of the cling film and bowl and turn upside down onto a plate peel of the cling film and enjoy:

BTW i ate mine wiv my sisters cuz i cant eat it by myself!:D They all said it was reaaaaallllly good!:D

Luv ya’ll

Jemz xx:P


Did I just Make THAT???

7 Nov

Yo Wassup Every1!:p

Yesterday me and my big sisters made theses really cool hand warmers!!!! My one slightly flopped (who said they had to be perfect) My obvs WAY more creative half of the other twin sister OBVS made hers DA BEST and the other sister (the twin sister to the creative one) Made a erally AWESOME one too!!!:) We made them out of some STRONG pretty fabric mine was pink (i wanted a byzantium one) my other sisters wuz like a stripey beach bed pattern and my other sisters was like blue polka dottie …

We basically made them free style…. i sorta lied to em’ that i saw a craft and made it rfom the top of my head (no honestly) but today when i was lookin’ round cuz i wanted to make a proper one i saw this REALLY AMAZING craft: 

so u lot check it out (in a new tab…. dont go crosing my site off) lol! haha 

one thing we made a mistake on is that we (i know its silly) poured the oil STARIGHT into little pouches!!! Miz your rice in your scneted oil:)

Well if only i had a pic of our handwarmers!! BUT dont worry im makein s’more soon!

GoodNight y’all

Love Jemz (aka BubbleChef)

🙂 xx


OMG Facts………

3 Nov



Every Sunday I will do A really AWESOME OMG fact…… here ur first one:)

You’re more likely to die on your way to buy a lottery ticket than you are to actually win the lottery. 

We’ve all heard the adage “you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than to win the lottery.” Sounds grim. Apparently, it’s also more likely that you will die on the way to buying your lottery ticket than actually win the lottery.

Of course this all depends on your mode of transportation to buy the ticket and the characteristics of the area where you buy it and even your demographics. It is true that you are more likely to die in a car accident than win though. The gist is that it’s very unlikely that you will win the lottery.

Some other things that are more likely than winning the lottery? Dying from flesh-eating bacteria, dying from a bee sting, becoming a movie star, dying in a bathtub and having identical quadruplets.

Ya-ha its all true:) Well lets look forward to next #OMGfactSunday then hey’

Luv ya’all

Jemzster:) xx