OMG The GBBO WAS ACE (The Final)

23 Oct

Hey Peepz:),

Alright I am DEFO sure that everyone knows who won the great british bake off!! Its was FRANCES!! YAY:D Although i was on team ruby:/ but who cares i defo think she shud have won compared to everyone elses wedding cake HERS was best….. I know mary poked out a few mistakes i.e that her back of her cake was boriiinnng! But i see why frances done it cuz it matched the whole elegant simple classic style…..!!

BAKEOFFfinalists_2706479bThe All Female Finalists: Left to Right : Ruby, Kimberly and Frances (winner)

Originally I did want Becca to win! But she got out soo i was abit sad!!

WELL thats MY verdict!! What did u lot think:)??

Love Jemz (BubbleChef)

🙂 xx


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