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Shake-Up a Smoothie…

13 May

Summers round the corner and smoothies are one of the best ways to celebrate!

Smoothies must be one of the most easiest things to make, I love making smoothies and trying new combinations. All you need is a fancy smoothie cup (or Not it’s not an essential) Milk, whatever fruit of choice and sugar to taste oh yea and obviously a smoothie maker or blender jug!!

The recipes I am going to share with you today are my own that I like to make whenever I have the Ingredients and time. My First recipe is the original Strawberry and Banana and sometime !  This recipe serves 4 people In TWO EASY steps:) Well here it is!


2 ripe Banana’s

6 Strawberries

3 Glasses of Milk

Sugar to Taste I put in 3 tsp.


1) Add everything into your blender or smoothie maker and blitz it up!!

2) Pour into the Glasses you measured your milk in or something with the same capacity. And ENJOY 😀

**You can also add a spoon of yogurt to make it creamier  OR Add a cup of ice to make it thick and ice cream like or top it of with some whipped cream and Ice-Cream sauce in which ever flavor you like**

My Strawberry and Banana smoothie!!

My Strawberry and Banana smoothie!!

My next Smoothie isn’t exactly what you’d call a smoothie (but I make it in a smoothie maker!!) and everyone who has it refers to it as “that coffee-chocolate-ice cream smoothie”, in reality it’s more like the frappuchinos you’d buy at Starbucks and while its not the same is just as good (possibly better) Make Sure u use your old starbucks cafe cup!!! Here it is >>>>>>


1tsp instant coffee

1/2 glass of milk

1/2 glass of ice (cubes not crushed or they’ll dissolve!!)

Sugar (as much as you’d have in your morning coffee or to taste)

2tbsp of chocolate or toffee sauce (optional!!)

Whipped Cream (also optional!!)

Chocolate sprinkles (absolutely totally OPTIONAL!!!)


1) Heat up a about a table spoon of your milk and dissolve the coffee into it. Then put it in a blender jug along with the remaining milk, the ice, the sugar and the chocolate or toffee sauce (feel free to use both!!) ;), blend it up!!!

2) Pour it into a glass add on the whipped cream, some more chocolate sauce and your sprinkles.

3) Enjoy!!!

My Starbucks frappuccino