Chocolate Pizza!

25 Apr

Hiyyyy Zers 
Nope I am certainly not talking about Pizza ( the one with cheese and tomato), instead I talking about something on an extreme new level…………I’m talking about the new type of Pizza: CHOCOLATE PIZZA!!! Yes you heard ( I mean read) right chocolate pizza. Its basically called chocolate pizza because its round like a pizza and you can add “toppings” on top of the chocolate which ever ones you like, ( I’m telling you beforehand one you get addicted to making these you’ll want to experiment with all types of different toppings). There are loads of variations to this recipe; some people use a real base dough and some people just use chocolate as their base, the recipe I’m using is with just chocolate. Your toppings can be anything you fancy you can use Smarties, Hundreds and Thousands , Marshmallows , Jelly Babies , Rainbow Drops , Honey Coated Chocolate , Chocolate raisins , little chunks of toffee or dark or white chocolate etc. the list is endless. 
 If You carry out a Google search and search Chocolate Pizza’s , you’ll see theres loads of shops which sell these pizza’s , I was nearly very tempted to go and buy some of them but they were very expensive one shop was selling a 7″ Choc Pizza ( 7″ diameter ) for £9.50…………I gotta say that’s kinda expensive so I ventured out to the shops and brought all the ingredients ( You only need Chocolate and some sweets for topping) and made my own. The picture shown below is the first Choc Pizza I made, I used Cadbury’s Mini Easter Eggs , Grated White Chocolate and Grated Milk Chocolate.



For Your mould just use a cake tin, line with parchment paper or cling film, I say again you don’t have to use the toppings I have done pick and choose which ever ones you like. As with the pizza base you can use white chocolate , milk chocolate , dark chocolate or milk chocolate and dark chocolate combined.


  1. In a large microwave-safe bowl melt your dark and milk chocolate, being careful you don’t burn your chocolate.
  2. Line a cake tin with parchment paper or cling film, or you could use a really big round plate and line with cling film.
  3. Pour the melted chocolate on to your cake tin. The decorate the top with your desired toppings.
  4. Then that’s it just wait for the chocolate to set and you’ve made your choc pizza…………………..

    • dark Chocolate 150 g
    • milk chocolate 150 g
    •  30 g Mixed Chocolate Curls ( buy this from ASDA , 30 g @ £0.84
    • Cadbury’s Mini Easter Eggs. ( a whole packet should be enough)
    • M&Ms ( again a 45 g packet should be enough don’t go eating them)

You can experiment for hours making choc pizza’s and you can even go the extra mile and put your finished choc pizza’s in little cake boxes and give them as gifts to friends and family. So wht not give em’ a go!!
That is for no DUDES..
Oh yea like i always say (its become a habit hehe ) Leave your ideas and comments below THNX  xxx 

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