Blogs and BUSY Day’s!!

16 Apr
Hello Everyone,
My day Was totally Fab I had The best dinner ever, I had Biryani and Chips It was so delicious. I have some really Good Recipe sites they i Ought you should check out. Also I am hoping to make some Tasty Chocolate and Caramel Flapjacks on the weekend its James Martin’s recipe the Link is below
I cant wait to buy the Ingredients for them As i love Shelf stocking (Mainly buying chocolate and crunchy bars {they r my fave} )
I am just so puzzled on what type of oats i need as i have brought oats once or twice but i dont seem to know which ones are right for my flapjacks i typed it into google but i found no answer!!!!! 
this is what i got my flap jack recipe of it also has some more great recipes!!!
I love looking at the great food through the slide shows on his site. Its really a great site!!!
YES! I have got the right link it looks like i have accidently copied the wrong URL but now Aldi also have some great, great recipes they are quick and easy and so delicous!!! Make sure you check this one out its so good!!:)
I disvoered this site when i was looking for a good cookie recipe i got it of this it was fab the cookie recipe is down below
My fab cookies !!

My last site i use this sometimes as a sort of double-check my first recipe site and check the difference  (if u get wat i mean) 
Love BubbleChef:)

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